A Magical Menu of Priceless Products

Rub the Genie’s Lamp…

Because everyone is looking for something a little different, we’re creating several product menus. This is a work in progress, and new items will be added frequently. Please check back often, and if there’s something you’re looking for that you don’t see, please contact us! 

Something for Everyone


   JewelryArleenIcon Celtic& HandBeaded Jewelry (construction)

pirateIcon   Pirate Jewelry & Goods (construction)

CeltTapIcon   Celtic Tapestries (ACTIVE!)

SteampunkIcon  Steampunk (construction)

FairyIcon           Fairies & Dragons (construction)

feastwareIcon     Feastware (construction)

DrWhoIcon         Doctor Who (construction)

HPIcon2     Harry Potter (ACTIVE!)

GOTIconGame of Thrones, Vikings, Downton Abby, Anime, Pokemon (construction)

AndMoreIcon . . .  (construction)